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Friday, June 10, 2011

Arts and Crafts Time

There has been an outburst of creative images on the web that were spurred by the unveiling of the USDA's new MyPlate, each new image inspired by this ridiculous graphic aimed at "simplifying" the nutritional guidelines. The problem is, people have transferred their nutritional dogma's onto their version of the plate, and in doing so have only created another graphic that is just as useless. I don't need a tidy circle that prescribes me ratios of certain foods that I should be eating. I don't do Weight Watchers or the Zone, so I don't need to count points, or blocks, or calories, or track macronutrient ratios. All of this, of course, is summarized in my version of the MyPlate, which I can say without a shred of ego or arrogance, is the best rendition of the graphic. But first I thought I'd share some of the other attempts I've seen, saving the best (mine) for last.

This is one of the only versions I deem to be inferior to the actual MyPlate. Hard to do, but vegetarians never cease to amaze me both at their ability to continue living, and their ability to justify an inferior diet. They weren't even clever enough to replace the URL at the bottom. This plate, on a scale of 1 to 10, is a 3. The only reason it's a 3 is because I am reserving the "2" rating for any vegan plates I come across and the "1" rating for any raw vegan/frutarian plates that may be out in the ether.

I rate this plate a 7. It would be incredibly hard to get a perfect separation line on my plate and have exactly half of my food intake be plants and the other half animals. For this reason, fitbomb's plate is OK, and the more I look at it the more I want to lower the score.

A completely bacon filled plate (and I've seen another one, the cup was water, though) is obviously created in jest, which is why I think this is one of the best graphics out there. The creator isn't trying to summarize his food categories and ratios neatly on a plate to educate you on the "right" diet. Plus, it's bacon, and bacon is awesome. Yum, indeed. A 9.5, and only because I have reserved the "10" rating for myself (without arrogance, of course).

So now, without further adieu, here are my TWO renditions of the MyPlate. No doctrines, no ratios, and no Photoshop skills.

 I made this in about 7 minutes at work with paint. I dare you to find a flaw in my plate!

 I call this one "what they're really giving you" and it is a cynical evaluation of the current guidelines. I had just gotten an iPad and used Adobe Ideas (decent app, but Sketchbook is cheaper and better) to construct this little picture. I can't decide which one of mine is better...both 10's, no doubt, but obviously one must win. You decide, post your thoughts to the comments.

Additionally, please send me any versions you have created. I definitely like seeing what's out there. If you also like seeing what's out there, check out the "guidelines" from around the world.

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